Welcome to the new Coop's Pit BBQ!

Coops Pit BBQ was started by two brothers with a keen sense in good BBQ sauce, Rhaudal and Torris Cooper. From a young age they had loved the usual Sunday Grilling with the family. One Day, they decided to add their own taste on the average BBQ sauce you have been used to. They came up with Coop's Pit BBQ Sauce.

They have since been sharing their signature recipes throughout South Florida and have added their very unique BBQ sauces on shelves of your local supermarkets. Look out for Coop Pit's BBQ coming to your city next!

What made us do it...


The Coop's Brothers local brand of BBQ is better than the ones you have in the stores. 

Brenda Anderson

I first saw Coops Pit BBQ on Channel 10 news and decided to place an order. I've since ordered a gallon of the Honey BBQ.

Danh Nguyen

We create our signature BBQ with quality and taste as our main goal. We feel like we have acheived this goal and many of our customers would agree!

Rhaudal Cooper

What's Cookin?